Dealing with society’s pressure to be thin and to dress fashionably is just another dilemma that plus-size teens must face. Rather than dwelling on the obvious fact that the teen needs to get into shape to become healthier, ease her into the transition by buying fashionable clothes. Her new clothes may be a tempting way to get your teen to lose some of the extra pounds.

Throw away all the teen magazines in the house that focus on skinny girls and the surreal image of the ideal body type. Discuss with your overweight teen how many of those girls in the magazines may be suffering from health issues, such as anorexia. Browse through fashion magazines that feature your daughter’s body type.

Buy some health magazines that can help your overweight daughter understand the importance of losing weight. Bring out some fashion catalogs that are designed for plus-size teen girls.

Set up a health plan for your plus-size teen to follow. Meet with a nutritionist or doctor, if necessary, to help your daughter realize that it’s possible for her to lose the weight in a healthy manner. After the meeting, bring your daughter to the local mall or boutique to pick out some new fashionable clothes.

Make the idea of losing weight appealing to your plus-size teen. While she may feel great in her new wardrobe, propose buying a new outfit for every five or ten pounds she loses.

Ask the saleswomen to help your plus-size teen pick out clothes that compliment her figure. Each time she meets a new goal, bring her back to the shop to have the saleswomen help her find a new outfit to show off in public to her friends and family.