Curls can make any hairstyle look youthful and fresh. Whether you have naturally curly hair or need help with hot styling tools, adding them to the top of the head gives hair volume. Get curls on the top of your head with updos and twists. Pulling the hair up and letting the curls spill onto the forehead is another way to style the curls.

Things You'll Need

Pull the hair into an updo. Sweep it back from the face and hold it tightly in one hand. Twist it with that hand and pull it up onto the back of the head. Make sure that it is high enough so that the curls reach the top of the head. Pin the updo into place with bobby pins. Arrange the curls on top of your head. If you need to add more curls, use a small curling iron to create them.

Put hair into a messy, curly bun. Pull hair back into a ponytail. Make curls with a curling iron and 1-inch sections of hair. After the hair is cool, pin the curls against your scalp and clip them with a bobby pin to maintain their shape.They should not be flat against the head. Continue until all of the hair is pinned up. Spritz lightly with hairspray for extra hold.

Style with hot rollers, using the smaller ones on the top of the head. Unroll them and allow the curls to cool. Spray with hairspray to give them shape. Pull the hair in front of the ears back, and secure loosely to the top of the head using decorative clips. Leave the rest of the hair down.


  • Spray shine serum on the curls for extra polish.