Crimp waves are making a comeback, especially in the summer season for a more tropical fun look while on vacation. Using crimp or wave irons is the fastest way to get the look but, there are many different kinds of crimp/wave irons. If you would like a more crimped hairstyle, it’s best that you use a crimp iron with ridges close together. For waves, it’s best to use a wave iron with ridges further apart. If you have time and do not want to use heat on your hair, leaving braids in your hair will do the trick.

Things You'll Need

Use crimp/wave irons

Use a comb to part your hair into two to three inch sections. Before crimping, spray thermal hair spray on each section of hair to protect it from heat.

Take the crimp/wave iron and start crimping/waving your hair near the scalp working your way down. Press the iron down on each section of hair for about five seconds. Do this step until your whole head is crimped/wavy.

Check in the mirror for missed strands you may have forgotten to crimp/wave. Brush your fingers through your hair or use a hair pick when complete. Do not use a fine tooth comb or brush because it will make your hair look frizzy.

Crimp/wave hair with braids

French braid your hair into small sections if you want the crimp look. French braid your hair into large sections if you want the wavy look. Use rubber bands to secure the end of each braid.

Shampoo hair while leaving the braids in, and towel dry your hair leaving it damp. Leaving hair damp will help the crimp/waves set better. Sleep with your hair braided.

Take the braids out of your hair the next morning, and your hair should be full of crimps/waves. The style should last for a couple of days.


  • To maintain crimp/waves, use pomade or styling spray.

  • Use only a wide tooth comb, a hair pick or your hands for your hair.

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