Mascara is considered a beauty bag must-have for most women. Not only does mascara darken, lengthen and strengthen the appearance of eyelashes, but it also accentuates eye color and gives the face a polished look. However, if not applied correctly, mascara can leave lashes looking clumpy and feeling sticky. With the right tools and application, however, you can get long, beautiful lashes that last the whole day.

Things You'll Need

Pour eye makeup remover onto a cotton pad and gently sweep over your eyelids to remove excess mascara and makeup. Turn the pad over, apply more remover and wipe the eye area clean.

Open the eyelash curler and place your top lashes through the opening. Press down near your eye base and slowly walk the curler out to the eyelash tips.

Pull the mascara wand out of the mascara bottle and remove excess product onto a tissue. Place the mascara onto the upper lashes and gently wiggle the wand through from the eye base to the lash tips. Let dry for 30 seconds.

Place the eyelash comb close to the eye base and brush through any visible clumps. Repeat the mascara application process again and wait 30 seconds. Gently slide the comb through the lashes a second time to remove any clumps and separate the bumps.


  • Try cleaning your mascara wand with warm water if clumps are consistently a problem.

  • Make sure the first coat thoroughly dries before applying the second coat.