Catalogs used to be one of the primary ways a store would advertise its merchandise to consumers. Direct mail was the most common source of advertising before the invention of the television. In 1888, Richard Sears started sending out direct mailings that were the precursors of the famous Sears catalog. While catalogs are not as relevant today with the evolution of sales websites and other advertising media, many stores still produce catalogs and you can usually acquire one with minimal effort.

Visit the store you are interested in and ask a salesperson for a catalog. Most stores with catalogs keep copies handy for interested parties to take with them.

Visit the website for the store if you’re familiar with it. A search engine can help you find it if you’re not. Many stores with catalogs provide a way for you to sign up for them online and receive them in the mail.

Call the store and ask an employee to mail you a catalog. If the store isn’t set up to do this, an operator should be able to give you to a national phone number to call to place a catalog order.