Boho waves transform straight hair and tight curls into messy, loose waves using bobby pins, hairspray and texturizing cream. This chic, sexy hairstyle requires little maintenance and can be worn at the office or at special occasions, such as weddings or prom. Such celebrities as Ashley Olsen and Kate Hudson have made Boho waves famous.

Things You'll Need

Apply a small amount of texturizing cream to damp hair. Use 2 tbsp. of cream for longer hair and ½ tbsp. for shorter hair.

Separate the hair into 1-inch sections and twist in a clockwise direction around the fingers until the hair is completely twisted. Secure the hair to the head with bobby pins. Continue twisting other sections of hair until the entire head is secured.

Dry hair thoroughly by exposing it to the air before removing twists.

Remove bobby pins and loosen the waves with the fingers. Avoid brushing new waves, since this can make them frizzy.

Add volume to the hair root with root lifting hairspray and massage it into the scalp for a natural lift. Gently spray the hair with light hold hairspray.


  • Shine can be added to the hair with a lightweight serum.