A personal makeover can increase your confidence and build self-esteem. You don’t have to go on one of those reality shows and enlist some expert to modify your look. You can change your appearance yourself with just a little help.

Decide to look like yourself. Don’t try to replicate the look of the latest star, since that person might not fit your body type or overall appearance. See the best of who you are and try to bring it out. That’s a realistice goal. And remember, most start don’t look as good in person as they do on film. They have their own makeovers.

Begin a new fitness and diet plan two months before your makeover. Losing just five or ten pounds is a realistic goal for a jumpstart to your makeover.

Cut and dye your hair in a new cutting-edge style that flatters your face shape. Make your hair transformation more dramatic by choosing a cut and color completely different from how you wore your hair previously.

Get a natural manicure and pedicure so your hands and feet look and feel better. This also makes you look more polished, and you’ll feel more comfortable showing off your hands and feet.

Have a makeup artist to apply your makeup and teach you different methods of application that suits your coloring. For the best realistic personal makeover, have the makeup artist suggest affordable products you can use at home. After the first application, you should be able to do it yourself.

Invest in a spray tan or buy tanning creams. Tan skin appears thinner and smoother, and avoiding the sun prevents premature wrinkles. Keep the tan realistic by applying a light color so you don’t look orange.

Make an appointment for a teeth whitening session or buy teeth whitening gel. Giving your mouth a personal makeover helps brighten your smile and make you appear younger.

Go shopping for a new wardrobe that matches your new makeover. Purchase a few casual pieces along with a few business pieces. Clothing is the easiest part of a realistic personal makeover because there are so many choices.