When tanning, you always want your face to have a healthy glow to match the rest of your body and with today’s products, it’s possible to get a safe yet beautiful tan. Tanning your face can seem more difficult and sometimes can be, but with these easy tips to follow, you can have that golden tan on your face as easily as the rest of your body.

Your face is one of the most sensitive areas on your body so if you do tan in the sun, keep in mind that you’ll want to use the highest SPF sunscreen lotion you can find to prevent sun damage to your skin. Only allow your face to be in the sun for short periods of time and never allow it to burn. Use the sunscreen lotion and be sure to cover any exposed areas of your face. If you plan to be outside for an extended period, wear a hat.

If you are using a tanning bed, be sure to use the protective eye gear that you were given. Tanning beds can be just like the sun and your face can blister just as if you were lying out at the beach. Use a sunscreen with a high SPF number on your face to protect it from damage. You can even use a cloth to lightly drape over your face if you plan to be in the tanning bed long enough to burn.

Self-tanning products can be the best bet for your face since you no longer take the risk of a sunburned face. You’ll need to be careful with the product so you don’t streak or smear. Start by exfoliating your face and moisturizing. You’ll want to get all of the dead skin off of your face so that your tan doesn’t flake or peel. It’s a good suggestion for your first application to mix half of the tanning product with half parts moisturizer. This will allow you to slowly build the tan on your face and not end up with discoloration the first time. There are a few products that are made specifically for faces and these are what you should use since they are less intense and more easily used at a gradual rate.

Put the self-tanner on your face sparingly and let that application dry and start to work before you add more. You may not see anything happening yet but in a couple of hours you’ll see the change and you don’t too much.

Another thing you can use safely is a bronzer. These are usually in a mineral powder form and you can just brush it across your face. Use a sweeping motion and use sparingly since it’s easier to add more color than it is to remove what you’ve already put on.


  • Always put your skin's health first.