Available both as panties and bikini bottoms, a micro thong is a scandalously tiny version of the thong, featuring minimal crotch coverage that offers an excellent way to turn heads and avoid tan lines. Micro thongs are becoming very popular and are readily available from both online and in-store intimate apparel retailers. Read on to learn more.

Determine your size range by using your normal panty size as a guidepost. The micro thong that will fit you best will generally be the same size or one size larger than your normal underwear or bikini bottoms.

Visit a specialized retailer to take advantage of the specific knowledge the staff there will have, especially if the micro thong you want to get will be your first thong of any kind. If you choose to get your micro thong from a department store, bring a couple different sizes into the changing room with you, and allow for the sizing differences you’ll encounter. Most stores only permit customers to try on bikini bottoms or thong underwear on top of the underwear they’re already wearing.

Go online to shop for an excellent variety of styles, prints and micro thong fabrics. However, it’s a good idea to shop at a retailer that employs customer service representatives you can reach by telephone, just in case you have any questions about sizing or return policies.

Keep in mind that micro thongs for men are also available, frequently with string or strip elastic sides and scant coverage over the buttocks. However, proper fitting can be trickier for men, owing to the considerable variation in crotch sizes. A stretchable, synthetic fabric is generally a better idea than a more rigid natural fiber, unless you’re sure about your size.

Try out a variety of different micro thong styles to see what works best with your body type. Thongs with open backs, while very popular, aren’t always the best choice–many women prefer the more versatile V-string or G-string cut.


  • If you’re in doubt about what size of thong is ideal for you, it’s a good rule of thumb to allow yourself a little extra room. Thongs generally fit more snugly that traditional bikini bottoms and panties.

  • You’ll probably need to get a Brazilian wax to go with your new micro thong–they don’t cover very much of your crotch.