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Blackheads can appear not only on your chin, nose or forehead, but also on your chest, neck and back. Blackheads are comedones that are created when a skin pore becomes clogged with oil, dead skin cells and often times bacteria. When the clogged pore is open, at the surface of the skin it appears black. Blackheads can be safely removed at home by squeezing them. The dirt and oil in a blackhead can harden, so it is important to soften blackheads before squeezing them, otherwise you may scar or damage your skin.

Apply castor oil to your blackhead using a clean cotton ball before going to bed. Overnight the castor oil will soften the blackhead and skin around it, making it easier for you to remove the blackhead. To avoid having to squeeze the blackhead, apply the castor oil to your blackhead every night for one week. After one week, the blackheads will be soft and come clean off of your face with a gentle wipe.

Place a wash cloth in hot water and wring the cloth. Apply the hot cloth over your blackhead until it cools off and then repeat this for 10 minutes. The hot water will loosen and soften the blockage. Clean the area with an antiseptic cleaner to completely free the blackhead.

Clean your face with a facial cleanser, then rinse and pat your face dry. Follow the directions for your facial steamer and steam your face for 10 minutes. The steam will open your clogged pores and soften dirt and oil in your blackhead. Try a steam shower if you don't have a facial steamer, or if you have a blackhead in an area not easily reached by your steamer, such as your back.


Adopt a good skin-care regimen including a facial wash, toner and moisturizer to prevent blackheads.

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