A full body tan is an elusive project but highly desired, as tan lines are not something most people are looking for these days. However, pursuing the full body tan seems to lead to problems. Visiting a public nude beach is not an attractive option for most people and tanning with a swimsuit on only worsens the issue. Explore your options and find the best one for you. Or better, combine a couple ideas for the ultimate tan.

Things You'll Need

Find a swimsuit that allows sun rays to get through. These are widely available at swimsuit shops or online. The material in these swimsuits allows UVA and UVB rays through to the skin. Use any tanning lotion that you would normally use as the sun’s rays can still cause damage to your skin through the material.

Use self-tanning lotion. This lotion is available in just about every grocery store in the beauty section. Use on a daily basis when you get out of the shower. The most effective products available contain dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as the active ingredient. The tan is not a dye, stain or paint but a chemical reaction between the DHA and the amino acids in the skin.

Sunbathe nude in your backyard or other private area. Though this may seem unnatural and uncomfortable, that feeling will dissipate over time. Find a location that is truly private and poses no threat of unwanted visitors. Continue using a light sunscreen or tanning lotion as you want a full-body tan not a full-body burn.

Visit an indoor tanning booth. Though this is unnatural, it is operated by professionals and you will see results instantly. Talk to the tanning technician and explain you want a full-body tan. Tanning salons are safe and affordable options if you don’t have ample time to lay out in the sun and want quicker results than from a tanning solution.

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