Kraft Foods has had its food products available to consumers for decades. Kraft produces the “Food and Family Magazine” quarterly with recipes and meal ideas. The issues are distributed in the spring, summer, fall and winter. Consumers can decide to receive the magazine by mail for a subscription price of $13.98 a year. The practice of providing the print and mailed version of the magazine free by Kraft Foods was discontinued in 2009 due to rising costs. A digital version of the magazine and past issues are available free on the Kraft website.

Visit the Kraft Foods website and search for the “Food and Family Magazine.”

Click on latest digital edition link on the left side of the screen.

Print out most recent digital edition “Food and Family Magazine” or read it online. The free, online digital version of the magazine has all of the information that is included in the print version.

Search “Food and Family” magazine archive for issues dating back to summer 2002. All are printable or available to read online.


  • Ask friends and family for a gift subscription to Kraft’s “Food and Family Magazine.”

  • Visit your local library to possibly read a free copy of Kraft’s “Food and Family Magazine.”