The faux hawk has rapidly become one of the most popular styles for young men. A cowlick makes any hair style more difficult to perfect, but with the proper product and patient experimentation everyone can achieve this style.

Things You'll Need

Select a styling glue or other ultra-firm holding hair styling product. In order to counteract the natural growth of the cowlick, you will need a strong product.

Apply liberal amounts of the styling glue uniformly throughout all of your hair.

Identify the places where your hair has the tendency to go in a different direction than you desire.

Play with your hair a bit to find the most natural place to part the sides from the back. The styling glue will help you mold your hair, but you will always have the most success by working with your hair’s natural tendencies as much as possible.

Divide the sides from the hair on the top with the comb. You can also do this with your fingers, but the comb can provide more structure for the unruly hair to follow.

Comb slowly over places where your hair is not staying uniform with the rest, pressing it down the same direction as the other hair as you go.

Allow your hair to dry without any disturbances once the style is established.

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