A comfortable pair of strappy sandals is a must for walking with ease during warm weather. Whether the shoes are too tight or too loose, there are several ways to treat sandals so they fit better. There are several brands of liquid and spray shoe stretch available on the market. A high concentration of isopropyl alcohol and water are the main ingredients, with alcohol being the active ingredient. Be sure to purchase a product that contains at least 50 percent isopropyl alcohol. A bottle of isopropyl alcohol may be used in place of a shoe spray.

Things You'll Need

If the sandals are just a little tight, wear the shoes around the house to stretch them out. Put several drops of shoe stretch or isopropyl alcohol on the part of the shoe that is tight on your foot. Apply shoe stretch spray sparingly. Let it dry and try on the sandals. If they are still tight, repeat these steps.

Inserting shoe stretchers into the sandals is another way of approaching the problem. Screw the shoe stretcher into the sandal carefully. Make sure it fits with some tension. Repeat with the other sandal. Allow the shoes to sit overnight. Try on the shoes. If they are still too tight, reinsert the shoe stretcher. Screw the stretcher to fit slightly wider or longer than before. This time leave the shoes to stretch for only a few hours to avoid overstretching them.

Put on two pairs of thick socks. Insert your feet into the too-tight sandals. Use a blow dryer to blast the sandals with hot air. Do this for a few minutes and flex your feet. Remove the socks and try on the sandals. If they are still too tight, repeat until the shoes fit comfortably.

If adjustable sandal straps are loose or tight, use a thin nail and hammer to make additional holes. Place the nail where you would like to add a hole. Gently tap the nail into the strap. Make sure the shoe is on a surface that will not become damaged from tapping the nail onto it. The hole should be as small as the other holes in the strap. If the hole is too large, the buckle may fall out of the hole when you wear the shoe.