A margarita is a popular tequila based cocktail drink. Common margarita flavors are lime, lemon, orange and even strawberry. A margarita is often served with a small garnish like most mixed drinks. A garnish is a slice of fruit that is placed on the edge of the glass to compliment the drink. Different fruits are used to garnish different flavored margaritas. The margarita, being a citrus based cocktail is often garnished with a lemon or lime wheel, orange slice, pineapple wedge or strawberry.

Things You'll Need

Cut fruits like limes, lemons and oranges into slices. The naturally round shape of these fruits makes them perfect for garnishing a glass but they are too large in size to be used without slicing. Pineapples should be cut into wedges and strawberries should be cut in half.

Place the tip of your knife in the center of a slice and press down to cut one half of the slice. Cut pineapple wedges and strawberry halves so the have a small slit that runs halfway through the narrow end of the wedge or half.

Place the sliced fruit on to the edge of the glass to create a garnishment.