Steelhead trout and rainbow trout are the same species and have the same characteristics. The only difference is that steelhead trout swim to the sea while rainbow trout remain freshwater fish. Because these fish share a similar taste, you can fry both types of trout in the same way.

Things You'll Need

Clean the trout. Cut from the anal hole till the head. Remove the entrails and scrub out the blood vein along the spine with the toothbrush. Turn the fish over and scrub off the scales. Rinse the fish and place on paper towels.

Spread the all-purpose flour on a plate. Add salt and pepper for seasoning the flour.

Add the butter in the frying pan and heat till the butter starts to sizzle.

Coat the fish with the seasoned flour.

Fry the fish in butter till golden brown. To test if the fish is done, prick the thickest part of the fish with the fork. Perfectly fried fish will have flaky flesh.