Many people enjoy zucchini and squash in meals; however, the vegetables are quite expensive when not in season. Remedy this problem by buying the vegetables in bulk while in season and freezing the unused portions for year-round use. The vegetables freeze quickly and easily and keep for months at a time, giving you nutritious cooking options all year long.

Things You'll Need

Pick or purchase squash or zucchini. If picking the vegetables, freeze them quickly after picking. If this is not an option, keep them in the refrigerator or on ice until you begin the freezing process.

Wash the vegetables to remove any dirt.

Slice each vegetable into 1/2-inch thick slices. Do not remove the skin.

Fill the large pot with water and wait for it to boil. Fix the large bowl full of ice water.

Blanch (boil) the cut-up vegetables in the large pot for three minutes.

Remove the vegetables from the pot using the slotted spoon. Place them in the ice water for five minutes. Add ice in between rounds of vegetables to keep the vegetables from cooking further.

Drain the vegetable slices for five minutes. Place them in a freezer bag. Remove all air from the bag, seal it and place it in your freezer.


  • Mark the date on the bag. The vegetables can be kept in the freezer for nine months in a freezer bag and up to 14 months in a deep freezer, if placed in a vacuum-sealed bag.