Fans of corn-on-the-cob may decide to freeze the ears during the harvest season in order to save some for the colder winter months. When out of season, fresh ears of corn come with a steep price, if they’re available at all. One ear in the winter can cost as much as an entire bagful during the summer. Freezing corn is also a good solution for those who grow they’re own and wind up growing more than they can eat.

Things You'll Need

Fill a large cooking pot 3/4 full of water. Place it on the stove and heat to a boil.

Remove the husks and silks from the corn while the water heats.

Place the corn-on-the-cob into the boiling water using tongs.

Fill a large bowl with cold water and ice cubes.

Remove the corn-on-the-cob from the boiling water after eight minutes, or as soon as it’s done. Place the cobs into the ice cold water for eight minutes.

Tear off a piece of plastic wrap and a piece of aluminum foil large enough to cover an entire ear of corn. You will need one sheet of each for each cob.

Remove an ear of corn. Wipe it dry with a towel. Wrap the corn in the plastic wrap, and then the foil.

Place the foil-wrapped ears of corn in a freezer-safe plastic container. Close the lid on the container to keep air out.

Place the container in the freezer.