Freezing fresh plums is a simple way to store them for future use, especially if you’re lucky enough to have extra fruit. It’s fairly easy to do, and the process gives you the opportunity to sweeten them to taste and pack them in containers you select. Once frozen, the plums will be good for about 12 months. They can be used for pie and pastry recipes, or you can simply defrost them for eating. They’ll be a welcome treat when fresh fruit is limited and pricey in the winter.

Things You'll Need

Wash and dry the plums. Peel them if you want to. Remove the pits by slicing or halving the fruit. Put the sugar in a pot and add the water. Heat gradually to a boil while stirring to dissolve the sugar. Remove from heat and let cool.

Stir in the lemon juice. Put plums into freezer containers and pour the cooled syrup over them. Leave 1/2 inch of room at the top for expansion of the syrup during freezing.

Put the lids on the containers. Label them with the freezer pen and put them in the freezer. Use within a year.


  • The plums should be ripe, but not mushy. Cut away any blemishes. The purpose of the syrup is to help the fruit keep its color and shape, prevent it from drying out and browning and add sweetness to it. Varying the amount of sugar in the syrup will make it lighter or heavier. You can substitute apple or white grape juice for the syrup, if you prefer. Don’t forget to label the containers with the date. It’s easy to forget when you froze them.