How to Freeze Lemon Slices

By LeafTV Editor

Lemons are known to aid digestion. They also make food taste better. Lemon slices in water and soda give the beverage a tangy boost. To make lemon slices ready for every time you feel like having a "cold drink with lemon," freeze them!

Frozen lemon for your water, soda, or tea.

Step 1

Cut off both ends of the lemon. Cut lemon in half, lengthwise.

Step 2

Cut halves into slices of desired width.

Step 3

Spread slices on cutting board.

Step 4

Place cutting board with lemon slices in freezer.

Step 5

After about four hours (or until slices are frozen solid), remove cutting board from freezer. Collect frozen slices in a bowl and return bowl to freezer. Lemon slices are now ready for your next ice cold drink.