How to Freeze Cherries. Freezing cherries is an inexpensive way to get the most out of your produce. Because cherries are generally expensive, you can buy them in bulk for a lower price and freeze them until you need them. A few quick steps can help you freeze cherries.

Wash the ripe cherries thoroughly to remove any debris or pesticides. Treat the fruit gently, just rubbing them with the tips of your fingers under running water.

Lay the cherries out to dry on a dish cloth or paper towel. The cherries should be thoroughly dry before you freeze them or they will stick together because of the frozen moisture.

Spread the cherries on a cookie sheet or in a baking dish and place them in the freezer to harden until they are frozen solid. The ample moisture within the cherries will freeze and maintain the shape and color of the fruit.

Place the cherries in a sealable plastic bag, or small single serving bags, and squeeze out any excess air from the bag. Frozen cherries are good for about a year and come out of the freezer looking just as attractive and tasting just as good as when they went in.


  • Consider removing the stems from your cherries to keep from having to do it later.

  • You can freeze pitted cherries, but they will not hold their shape. It’s best to do this with cherries you would use to make a pie or other dessert.

  • Serve pitted, defrosted cherries with a teaspoon of sugar and some whipped cream.

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