Bananas are a tasty fruit to have on hand for making many things — from banana bread to smoothies. But bananas often ripen too quickly, especially when the weather gets warm. You can keep bananas on hand for all your favorite recipes by freezing banana slices the right way. This will preserve all their nourishing goodness, which includes high amounts of vitamin C and potassium.

Things You'll Need

Make sure your cookie sheet will fit in your freezer. If so, continue with Step 2. If not, choose a smaller flat dish and then continue with Step 2.

Peel your bananas and use the knife to slice them into half-inch-thick slices. Figure on one banana equaling about 12 slices. You may want to write this on the freezer bag you’ll be using with a permanent marker.

Lay the slices on the cookie sheet in a single layer. It doesn’t matter if the slices touch each other.

Place the entire cookie sheet into the freezer for one to two hours.

Remove the cookie sheet from the freezer. Quickly remove the frozen banana slices and place them into the freezer bag. Push on the side of the slices to slide them as opposed to trying to lift them straight up.

Place the freezer bag full of frozen banana slices back into the freezer.

Use these banana slices in all of your favorite recipes. Simply take out the amount you need. Let the banana slices thaw for recipes like bread. Leave them frozen to make cold treats like peanut butter banana smoothies.