How to Fold a Bandana Rockabilly Style

By Liza Hollis

Rockabilly style and bandanas go hand in hand. This is because the rockabilly style is tied in with “greasers.” Mechanics would stuff bandanas in their pocket to clean off their hands with after working on oily cars. The bandana as a headpiece is a symbol of classic 1930s-1960s mid-century Americana. This guide offers two bandana folding methods that are commonly seen in the rockabilly style. The head wrap option works great for ladies' hairdos that feature a pompadour or Bettie Page-style bangs. The second option is a more unisex option, though it is more commonly seen in men.

Fold a Bandana Rockabilly Style

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Step 1

Fold the bandana diagonally in half.

Step 2

From the fold, fold the bandana over approximately 2 1/2 inches.

Step 3

Fold the bandana over again, an equal amount.

Step 4

Hold the bandana by the ends and pull the bandana to the underside of your head.

Step 5

Tie the ends together on the top of your hair in a standard square knot.

Step 6

Fold the bandana diagonally in half.

Step 7

Fold it vertically in half, matching your edges together.

Step 8

Fold it again vertically and repeat until the bandana is a pocket-sized triangle.

Step 9

Slip it into your back pocket, exposing the bandana so it's easy to grab.