Nuts are often considered to be anything with a hard shell and an edible kernel — even if it’s not truly a nut. Seeds and legumes like peanuts or Brazil nuts are not really nuts, but are often mixed in with nuts because they are similar in texture. Nuts are a healthy snack and although they are high in calories and fat, their fat is monounsaturated and considered to be heart healthy. In moderation, nuts, either raw or roasted, can be a part of a healthy diet. The best way to add to the flavor of raw nuts is to roast them, but this can decrease their shelf life and break down the beneficial fats within.

Things You'll Need

Shake Them Up

Place your raw nuts, either chopped or whole, in a zip-top bag or airtight plastic container.

Add spices, herbs, sugar or salt according to your taste.

Shake the container up and let the nuts sit in the mixture for several minutes before eating.

Soak Them

Soak the nuts in water with your spice mixture. Soaking raw nuts helps those who have trouble digesting them and can infuse the nuts with more flavor.

Place your nuts in a bowl with enough water to cover them. Add your spices or herbs and stir until they are mixed. Some herbs may float on top, but will still infuse the nuts and water.

Let the nuts sit overnight in the refrigerator.

Rinse them after 10 to 12 hours. While they are still damp, place the nuts in a mixture of your herbs and spices in a plastic, airtight container and shake to coat them. This is only necessary if you wish the nuts to have more intense flavoring.

Place the nuts in a baking pan in the oven on the lowest temperature setting possible between 100 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. A food dehydrator works well for this too.