You’ve decided to use a sunless tanning lotion to get bronzed skin and after applying the lotion and allowing it to dry, you conclude that your faux tan is uneven and streaky. Maybe water came in contact with your skin or you’ve applied uneven layers. You may have skipped some areas completely or forgotten to exfoliate before applying the sunless tanning lotion. No need to despair because there are methods you can apply right at home to help even out your tan and eliminate streaks.

Things You'll Need

Apply rubbing alcohol to a cotton ball and rub it over the streaked areas of your skin to even them out. Apply moisturizer to your skin to counteract the rubbing alcohol’s drying effect.

Exfoliate your body with a scrubbing mitt or loofah and mild soap. Scrubbing your skin sloughs off streaky skin and promotes generation of new skin cells. The uneven streaks will be eliminated and new skin will appear. You can also use a mild body scrub instead of the mitt and soap.

Apply an over-the-counter sunless tanning lotion remover. These wipes or creams can be applied to your skin and eliminate streaks and other tanning lotion application mistakes.

Add 1 cup milk to a bathtub full of warm water. Milk contains lactic acid which lightens up your tan if certain areas are too orange. Lactic acid acts as an exfoliant on your skin. Stay in the bathtub up to 15 minutes and cleanse the tub well afterward to avoid bad odors.

Extract the juice from a lemon. Dip a cotton ball in the juice and wipe it on your streaky skin. The acid in lemon juice acts as a natural exfoliator and will slough off the streaks.

Wet a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide and wipe it over the streaked areas. Hydrogen peroxide lightens up streaked areas. Cream facial bleach applied to darker areas for up to three minutes has a similar effect.

Even out streaks on your face with bronzer or tinted foundation makeup. This is a temporary fix that can be applied daily until your streaks naturally start to fade.


  • Use a tinted sunless tanning lotion so you can see where you’ve applied the product and are less likely to skip areas.