Finding the perfect strapless plus size bra is often a daunting task. Fit is an issue; slippage, rolling and embarrassing spillage can make it seem as if that perfect bra just doesn’t exist. In reality, it does, you just have to know what to look for in all of the components.

Find a specialty bra store near you, make an appointment and go in to be measured. Don’t be surprised when you find out your correct number — wearing the right size bra will prove to be one of the smartest decisions you’ve made.

Look for a strapless bra that offers maximum support. Supportive bras will have the proper balance of underwire, side boning and mesh for comfort. In addition, silicone binding around the inside of the bra will assure that the bra stays in place. A wider band will prevent rolling.

Try on your bra and look at yourself in a 360 degree view. There should be a smooth profile all around with no spillage and the top of the bra cups should rest comfortably on your breasts. Try on as many bra options as needed to find the one that fits best, feels comfortable and stays in place. Try various band and cup sizes since different brands have unique sizing. Jump around several times to make sure that the bra stays put.


  • Seamless bras offer a smoother line under clothes and strapless bras with push up functionality tend to stay in place better. Long line bras also offer fantastic support naturally and stay in place, but they don’t work well under fitted clothing as they can be bulky in appearance.