Everyone has their power colors — the ones that make them feel strong, beautiful and confident. However, colors aren’t equal on everyone. Some people wear bright hues better than others, while dark tones tend to wash some people out, making them fade into the background. If you’re a blonde, some colors may not work well with your hair and eyes, but there are ways to go about finding the best shades for you.

Determine your “season.” Your skin tone, eye color and the shade of your hair will help you figure it out. For instance, a golden blonde with ivory skin and blue eyes is considered a “spring.” Seasonal colors tend to follow the tones found that time of year. Spring includes rose, light green and dusty blue. “Falls” look best in shades of orange, grass green and navy blue, while “summers” can wear bright, light hues like baby pink or baby blue.

Determine the kind of blonde you are. Some are olive-skinned with green eyes, while others are pale or ivory with light blue eyes. Aside from your skin tone and eye color, the hue of your hair is different from other blondes. If yours is ash blonde, you’ll likely wear different colors than someone who is golden toned. After you find your season, experiment with different hues found in that season to determine your best color.

Visit a boutique or department store to try on clothes you normally wouldn’t wear; the color on the rack might look vastly different after you put it on. Experiment by wearing colors you’ve previously shunned to see if you get compliments. While you might be out of your comfort zone, you may find a new power color — keep an open mind.

Visit a makeup counter and ask for tips — you might even get a free makeup session. Professional makeup artists will show you the best colors to match your hair, eyes and skin tone. If you don’t have time to visit a makeup counter, experiment on your own. Keep the spring shades in mind while you apply eye shadow and blush. If you don’t like what you see, take it off and try new combinations.