The best cellulite treatment to get rid of cellulite should tighten thighs that jiggle and smooth out the lumps and bumps under the skin. While the latest cellulite treatments feature skin brushes and fat-fighting creams using caffeine and plant extracts, you can follow a few steps to fight cellulite-induced dimples under the skin. From scouring your favorite beauty magazines and websites to getting sample products and recommendations from a dermatologist, you can find the best cellulite treatment to get rid of cellulite for good.

Contact a dermatologist for recommendations. To get rid of cellulite fast, a dermatologist is a key partner in ridding your body of the waste matter and water trapped within the connective tissue. Your doctor will have the latest research and products recommendations to assist you with selecting the best cellulite treatment. A dermatologist will suggest a combination of diet modifications, prescription creams and weight loss reductions to get rid of cellulite.

Visit a beauty consultant, spa esthetician or naturopath for cellulite recommendations. If you are looking for herbal formulas that have restorative powers to rid your body of cellulite, massage, aromatherapy oils and body detoxification treatments can help rid your body of cellulite. A popular spa treatment recommends that women sit in a bath filled with cypress, sage and juniper oils to fight cellulite. As the oils are absorbed into the skin, the cellulite may be reduced from the inside out.

Talk to your personal trainer for cellulite fighting tips. Because cellulite is in essence fat puckering underneath your skin, weight loss is a prerequisite before finding the best cellulite treatment. Muscle toning- exercises such as weight training can help build muscle tissue in cellulite problem areas. Ask your diet and exercise coach for healthy eating and exercise tips to get rid of cellulite.

Read the latest health and beauty magazines on newsstands for the best cellulite treatments. Beauty and health editors are privy to the newest products to fight fat and get rid of cellulite fast. Whether they are recommending dry brushes to improve circulation under the skin or recommending Endermologie or VelaSmooth, these publications have tried and tested these products to determine the best tricks to removing visible dimples in the skin.


  • You do not need to rub lotions and potions on your body to rid yourself of cellulite if you are packing extra pounds on your buttocks, thighs and tummy areas.

  • According to a 2008 article at Medline Plus, fad dieting and a poor diet may lead to cellulite.

  • Eating a diet filled with fruits, vegetables and healthy grains can complement the best cellulite treatments for your body.

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