Everything comes back in style eventually. Runway looks and movies are reviving interest in 1980s fashions. If you’re looking for authentic 1980s inspiration, it’s easy to find.

Things You'll Need

Search online. Use terms such as “80’s fashion photos” or “1980’s hairstyles pictures”; narrow your search if you are looking for specific photos, such as “80’s big hair photos” or “1980’s new wave fashion.”

Look for old magazines that have photos of ’80s fashion and hairstyles . You can find vintage magazines on many online auction websites or in stores that specialize in retro items. Look for popular fashion, music and other magazines from the ’80s. Try “Seventeen,” “Teen Magazine,” “Star Hits,” “Thrasher” and “Vogue.”

Other publications to look for are sewing pattern books and old clothing catalogs from the 1980s.

Try finding old yearbooks. These are great for seeing real people in photos of ’80s fashion and hairstyles. You can find old yearbooks on online auction websites, on websites that specialize in buying and selling old yearbooks or in used bookstores.

For ’80s hairstyles, see if you can find hairstyle or cosmetology books such as those found in hair salons. You can sometimes find these on online auction or used book websites.

Search for new books and publications on the topic of ’80s fashion and hairstyles. “Old School” is in style, and books, guides and magazines can be found today that contain collections of photos from the 1980s.

Use online photo sharing websites to find photos of ’80s fashion and hairstyles. You can find these by simply using a search engine and searching “photo sharing,” or you can do a search such as “photo sharing ’80s fashion” to find the results you’re looking for. Once on these websites, you can often use their search feature and type in “’80s” or “’80s fashion.” While these can be viewed for free, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions if using these photos for any purpose.

Find people who grew up in the 1980s. Chances are these people have photos they are willing to share. If you don’t know of anyone, look for online communities, forums or social networking groups related to the 1980s. Many people post online photos of ’80s fashion and hairstyles.


  • Check the movies. Look for copies of “Valley Girl,” “Flashdance,” “Pretty in Pink.” Check online movie sites such as the Internet Movie Data Base for movie stills. While you’re at it, check out some music videos from the early days of MTV, or TV series such as “Dallas,” “Dynasty” or “Miami Vice.”