The right colors will complement your skin tone and give you a beautiful glow. The wrong colors will create the opposite effect. Colors that clash with your skin tone can make you look washed out or sickly.The best way to choose the right colors is to find out what your skin tone is and wear colors that brighten your skin and complement your coloring.

Wash your face and remove all traces of makeup. Now look at yourself in the mirror. What colors do you see in your skin? This might not be obvious right away but if you tend to have pink cheeks and sunburn easily you are most likely a “cool” skin tone. People with cool tones in their skin tend to have light skin and light eye colors. If your skin tans well and you have medium colored skin and dark eyes you are most likely a warm tone. Skin colors range from light to medium to dark. So if you wear a beige to honey colored foundation you are a “warm” and if you wear a pale or light-colored foundation you are a cool.

Look at the skin on the inside of your wrist. If the veins look blue you are a cool and if they look green you are a warm. The veins in your arm are actually blue but when you cover the area in a transparent color such as yellow, the veins show as green. Remember making colors in school, yellow and blue make green. This means that you have a yellow undertone in your skin. Cool tone people have a bluish-pink undertone to their skin.

Try on a piece of silver jewelry and a piece of gold jewelry. See which one looks better. People with cool tones look best in silver jewelry, and warm tones look best in gold. This is also true when it comes to hair, makeup and clothing colors. Hair colors for a cool tone would be colors of ash blond, ash browns, cool black and burgundy or ruby red. Warm tones can go with pale blonds, golden blond and browns, and orange-based reds like ginger, flame and auburn. The most natural looking color is one that is made up from a combination of shades instead of one flat color. Hair coloring kits that include a highlight color is a good choice, or your colorist can make custom highlights for you .

Try on a cool pink shirt and an orange shirt. Which one looks better? One will look good on you and the other will not. Cool tones look best in cool pinks, sapphire blue, emerald green, sea green, ruby red, plum, silver,lavender, and most pastel colors. Warm tones look best in earth tone shades like olive green, yellow-greens, dark browns, navy blue, orange and red.

Choose makeup and hair colors that complement your complexion for your best look. Sometimes making clothing choices is easier than figuring out makeup colors. Brown and hazel eyes can wear shades of chocolate, olive green, caramel and honey corals, and reds, while blue eyes can wear soft browns, taupe,silver,peach, plum and burgundy.


  • Once you know what your skin tone is, choose colors in the warm or cool range for clothing colors, hair and makeup.These are your best colors and you will see what a difference it makes. You will look better and people will notice that you look different. You will probably get a lot of compliments, or people asking if you did something new. See the references for color charts.