Ladyfingers are spongy cakes or cookies made in the shape of ladies’ fingers. One popular way to use ladyfingers is in the Italian recipe tiramisu. (You can also turn ladyfingers into “bloody” fingers on Halloween to gross out your guests; drip them with a little red food coloring.) Ladyfingers aren’t hard to find; you just have to know where to look.

Check your nearest wholesale club, such as BJ’s or Sam’s Club, or a store such as Wal-mart.

Have your ladyfingers delivered from an online store. Amazon sells several varieties of ladyfingers (see Resources) in small and large packages.

Check your grocery store’s dessert isle for the shelves stocked with gourmet cookie brands.

Go to a gourmet market. Gourmet markets sell Italian ladyfingers, which are a bit more crunchy and dusted with extra sugar on one side. The texture makes them a better choice for baking.

Check your local bakery. If you don’t see ladyfingers, put in a request for them. Some bakeries will make items on demand.

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