Who doesn’t love butter? It’s so delicious on bread and potatoes, and is essential in baking. However, for those who need to lower their cholesterol, a butter substitute may put you on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

Margarine is not the answer when looking for a butter replacement. In fact, some margarines have more saturated fats than butter itself. Fancy marketing has led many to believe that margarine is the answer, but it is not. Besides, who wants to give up taste for that greasy imitation?

In baking recipes, fruit can replace the butter. Pureed apples, pineapples, prunes or bananas can replace the fat in baking recipes and even increase its flavor. Since fruit will add more sweetness than the recipe calls for, you may want to reduce the amount a bit. A half cup of pureed fruit will equal 1 cup of butter in your recipe and add a healthier taste.

Olive oil. This is an oil that is actually good for you. It is a fantastic butter replacement, so add some to your bread with a dash of garlic and you have a tasty replacement for butter. Also try it on potatoes with some seasonings and you will never reach for butter again.

A great baking substitute is coconut butter. Coconut butter can be used to replace butter and cut down on saturated fat in your diet. Try it on anything that you would put butter on and once you get used to the taste you will never want regular butter again.

Grapeseed oil, flaxseed oil and almond oil in cooking are definately worth a try as butter substitutes. After all, isn’t your health worth a little bit of change?