How to Find a Place to Sunbathe. If you don’t live on a secluded private beach, it is a little more difficult to find somewhere to sunbath and get a good, all over tan. Of course, you want to find a spot where the sun is bright and free from any cold wind, in addition to being free of prying eyes. The best sunbathing spot allows you to get rid of any tan lines.

Look for spots near your home first. You want to be able to jump at the opportunity to sunbathe when the sun is just right. The best tanning rays are from noon to three, and you don’t want to worry about driving somewhere and possibly missing the window of opportunity.

Consider your own yard. You can set up a secluded spot, if you have neighbors, using bushes and fences. Make sure the tanning location is in direct sunlight during the peak hours.

Go to the rooftop of your building if you live in a high-rise or apartment. Check out the space during the best sunbathing times to see if it is empty during that time. Keep a cover-up close at hand in case you are unexpectedly interrupted.

Walk your favorite beach to find secluded spots behind sand dunes or in tall grass. You can get a great tan on the beach because of the reflection from both the water and the light color of the sand.

Watch for other nude sunbathers and join them. Many beaches around the world are open to nude sunbathing. Here at least you won’t have to worry about being caught or offending anyone.