Fine, thin hair can be difficult to style because of the thin texture. If the hair is left too long it can appear stringy and dull, and the hair can look even thinner if too many layers are cut into it. If you’re looking for a new way to style your hair, there are a variety of sources that can help find the best haircut for you, your age, face shape and hair texture.

Things You'll Need

Search the Internet. There are a lot of different websites devoted to hair care, products and styling techniques. Latest Hair Styles, Chiff and Hair Boutique are a few website that offer a close look at styling for thin hair.

Purchase and flip through various hair magazines. You can get a lot of different, creative and new hair styles that will look great with your thin hair. Modern Salon and Style Hair Magazine offer a variety looks that will work for you.

Take pictures. When you see a friend or family member with a hairstyle that you love, snap a picture with your camera. Take the pictures, along with any Internet pictures and magazines, with you to your hair stylist. You stylist will be able to re-create the hair styles that you like for your thin hair.

Consider thickening your hair with extensions. Extensions not only give your hair length but also give your hair volume and thickness. You can have your stylist sew, glue or bond hair extensions into your hair, and then cut the hair to create the style that you like best.

Have a hairstyle consultation with your stylist before you get your haircut. Sit down with your stylist about what hairdo he thinks would be best for your hair texture.