Whether you have naturally sparse eyebrows or you’ve gone overboard and overplucked, you may want bolder, thicker brows than the ones you see in the mirror. For natural looking brows, choose a soft pencil or powder in a shade that suits your hair color. Use a light touch to gradually build up color, focusing on the areas where your eyebrows could use some extra bulk.

Getting Ready

Choose a pencil or powder that matches your natural eyebrow color. If you’re torn between two shades, choose the lighter one for a natural, subtle look. While there are pencils and powders designed for brow correction, an eyeliner or eye shadow in the right color will also do the trick. Start with clean brows and brush them upward with a spoolie brush or an old toothbrush to see the gaps in your brows clearly.

Filling in Your Brows

Apply your powder or pencil in short, soft strokes that mimic the look of your natural hair. Use upward slanting strokes until you reach the arch of your eyebrow and then follow the brow down to its tip. Brush lightly with the spoolie brush to blend the color with your natural hairs. Seal your work by applying brow gel upward and outward over your brows from root to tip.