How to Feather Hair

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There's only one hairstyle that shouts '80s, and that's the Farrah Fawcett feathered look. Whether you lived through the era and you're nostalgic for big hair, or you want to try this sexy style, here's how to achieve it. But girls, get your AquaNet, because you're going to need it to hold this hairstyle in place.

Hair Cutting
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How To Feather Hair

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Tell your hairdresser that you want the '80s feathered style. If she objects, promise a big tip. She can use the "point-cutting" technique to give you the wings of a Charlie's Angel. A razor tool can soften the edges of the cut.

Purchase a large round curling brush to achieve the flip on your own post-cut. The brush should be large enough so the hair winds around about 1 1/2 times.

Dry freshly wet hair with a blow dryer. Hold the round styling brush vertically, and work from back to front curling thin vertical strips of hair into barrel-style curls.

Set your feathers in place with a curling iron or hot rollers placed vertically in the hair if you don't want to bother with the blow dryer. The hair should wrap approximately two times around the iron or rollers.

Brush it out with a vent brush or finger style the curls.

Spray completely with a strong styling product to hold your style, then spray again and again. Keep your hairspray close by at all times, as well as a purse mirror to check your 'do.


  • When you rinse out all the hairspray from your big hair, be sure to close your mouth in the shower. Aqua Net holds great, but it doesn't taste very good.