Well-proportioned breasts can increase your self-confidence and enhance your femininity. They help balance out your body, add curves and make you feel more attractive. Having a flat chest in a society that puts so much emphasis on physical appearance can be devastating. Even though the size and shape of your breasts is determined and influenced by factors such as your age, hormones, genetics, pregnancy and breast feeding, there are methods you can apply to fatten them up. Some of these methods work instantly while others work over time.

Wear padded bras. Padded bras add volume to your breast, because of the added padding hidden in the cups. The enhancing pads can also be purchased separately and inserted in your bra. They can provide minor to major cleavage.

Gain weight. Increasing the amount of calories you take in on a daily basis will make you gain weight all over your body, including in your breasts. Breasts are made of fat, so when your body fat goes up, so does your breast fat.

Use breast enhancement pills or creams. These enhancement methods often use plant-derived phytoestrogens which are claimed to stimulate breast tissue growth. Breast enhancement pills or creams have not been proven to work, but may be worth a try before resorting to more drastic measures.

Purchase a breast enhancement, shaping system such as Brava. Brava uses domes that are placed over the breasts. The system triggers breast tissue expansion through the application of a three-dimensional pulling sensation. When worn for 10 weeks for at least 10 hours per day, this clinically tested and proven breast enlargement method can grow your breast by one cup size.

Undergo breast enlargement surgery to fatten breasts through the insertion of breast implants. Breast implants come in a large variety of sizes ranging from small to extra large. Educate yourself about breast augmentation benefits, risks, and possible results.