Most updos involve creating a twist or a roll at the back of your head. Once you’ve mastered this technique, there are unlimited styles of updos that you can do. Some quick updo styles using a twist or a simple ponytail are ideal for medium to long hair. Shorter hairstyles can also create a modified version of an updo.

Things You'll Need

Creating a Roll or Twist

Sweep hair over to one side and brush it so it’s smooth.

Secure it in place with bobby pins. Insert the pins vertically, straight up the back. Thin or fine hair may have to be sprayed with hairspray or gel to give the pins something to grip onto. Another option is to cross pins over each other in an “X.” The pins should feel tight.

Use a brush to fold the hair back over the bobby pins, tucking the ends under so they are hidden. If hair is long, the ends can be left up, so they extend out of the top of the roll, or they can be placed down so they extend from the bottom.

Slide bobby pins through the fold of the hair to secure the roll.

Finish by spraying firm-hold or maximum-hold hair spray. If ends are left out, you can either curl them or brush them smooth.

Easy Curly Updo

Dry your hair naturally, using product to ensure curls are smooth. Although this style is for curly hair, if you have straight hair, curl it when dry with hot rollers or a curling iron and then spritz with hair spray or curl-boosting product before moving to Step 2.

Scrunch hair at the top of the head for more fullness, or back comb.

Pull dry hair up to the crown of your head in sections of about 1 inch thick. Secure each section in place with bobby pins as you go. Allow curls to fall over the pins.

Messy Chignon

Flip hair over and spray with hairspray to give your hair texture and keep your chignon from falling.

Pull hair up and back with your hands, pushing forward at the roots for volume.

Twist at the nape of your neck and secure ends with bobby pins. Continue inserting pins into the twist and pulling pieces out to loosen the style.

Mist the chignon with shine spray. The style shouldn’t look perfect.

Half Updo for Short Hairstyles

Pull the top section of your hair back, securing with an elastic at the crown of your head.

Back comb the ponytail close to the rubber band to give volume.

Fluff out the ends with a hair pick (comb) and spray with hairspray.

Comb the bottom section of hair (loose section) and flip slightly using a flat iron.

Apply pomade to create shine and separate ends. An alternative is to curl the bottom section under to create a smooth bob.