It is easy to fake eyebrows with makeup if your brows are thinning or you have over-plucked. Using products that you likely already own, you can fill in gaps or generally make your eyebrows look thicker. You may also purchase products specifically made for filling in brows. With a little practice, you will master brow-filling techniques and can incorporate them into your everyday beauty routine. The result is a more defined eye, which makes you look more alert and also more youthful.

Things You'll Need

Dust face powder lightly over your eyebrows. You may use compact powder or mineral makeup powder. Though adding this light substance to your brows may seem counter-intuitive, the layer of powder will form a base and help the products you apply subsequently to last all day.

Select two eyeliner or eyebrow pencils. One pencil should match your hair color, and the other should be two shades lighter. Soft pencils work much better than waxier types. Sharpen both pencils before you begin.

Make short strokes with the lighter pencil. Begin at the inside of your brow, closest to your nose. Following the direction of your hair growth, lightly fill in your brow towards the outer edge. Repeat for the other brow.

Create an arch using the darker pencil. Make short strokes as you did before, adding extra color to the inner portion of your brows, which is naturally the thickest part. Blend carefully into the lighter pencil marks.

Set your brow color with powder. Use eyebrow powder that is slightly lighter than your hair color, or substitute eyeshadow. Another option is to use the wand from an old mascara tube. Lightly brush the powder or wand along your eyebrows in an upward motion to further coat them with color and keep them in line.


  • Avoid applying too much color to eyebrows, as it can look obviously fake.

  • Do not touch your brows throughout the day to avoid smudging the makeup.

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