Body piercing has exploded as the ultimate fashion statement. Although the practice has been around since ancient times, recent fashion trends have led to a resurgence of the practice. Sure, you’ve always wanted make a statement by getting your nose pierced. The problem is you can’t stand the thought of actually going through with it. Fortunately there are a couple of ways to “fake” it so you can have–for a little while–all the shock and awe of a nose piercing without the pain.

Things You'll Need

Adhesive Jewelry

Select a “faux” nose stud designed to work with a special adhesive.

Apply the adhesive to the back of the stud.

Select the position on your nose where you want to place the fake stud.

Carefully press the stud onto your nose. The strong adhesive will last up to several days.

Magnetic Jewelry

Select a fake nose stud that uses a magnet to keep the stud in place on your nose.

Slip the backing magnet inside your nostril at the approximate location of where you plan to place the stud.

Carefully place the fake stud over the backing magnet until the magnetic force causes the stud to “stick” to the backing magnet.


  • Fake nose rings offer the easiest solution by simply clipping onto your septum.