Also known as dry brushing, body brushing involves moving a soft, natural-bristle brush over the skin to remove dead skin cells and improve circulation. In addition to its skin-smoothing benefits, regular body brushing may stimulate the lymphatic system and eliminate toxins. In the book, “The Raw Food Detox Diet,” clinical nutritionist Natalia Rose advises daily body brushing before showering for maximum benefits. You can get body brushes at beauty supply and natural health stores.

Things You'll Need

Stand in the shower with the water off and begin at your feet, moving the brush in small, upward circles.

Move up your legs and continue to brush in an upward direction. Apply moderate pressure and avoid pressing too hard.

Continue brushing up each leg in an upward motion.

Move to your buttocks, hips and abdomen. Since these areas are more sensitive than the legs, apply less pressure.

Move the brush in gentle circular strokes around the buttocks and abdomen. If it hurts, reduce the pressure.

Run the brush over your back, always brushing in an upward motion. The skin on the back is less sensitive, so apply slightly more pressure.

Make long strokes from your wrists to your shoulders, and continue to brush in an upward motion in the direction of your heart.

Finish by gently running the brush over your face. Since facial skin is more delicate than body skin, apply gentle pressure and discontinue if your skin becomes red and irritated.