Embellished jeans continue to be a hot ticket in the fashion world. Outside of finding a pair of jeans that fits properly, the second most desired thing is to find a pair of perfectly embellished jeans. But even if you do, the cost might be prohibitive for a large number of people.
Another options is to embellish your favorite pair of jeans yourself. Follow the steps below and decorate your own denim.

Things You'll Need

How to Embellish Your Own Jeans

Decide on the design that you want for your jeans. Options might include, but would not be limited to, floral designs, geometric patterns, Native American designs, contemporary designs, and/or a combination thereof. This decision may have an impact upon the type of embellishment you choose to use.

Decide what part of your jeans you want to embellish. Options might include, but would not be limited to, pockets, down the side of the jeans, down all or part of the leg, and/or some combination thereof. This decision may also have an impact upon the type of embellishment you choose to use.

Decide what type of embellishment you want on your jeans. There are several options to choose from including fabric, hand painting, embroidery, jewels, beads, glitter, iron on decals and/or a combination thereof. As you make this decision, however, keep in mind the design that you want to use and where on the jeans your embellishment will go.

Go shopping for your embellishment supplies.

Prepare the jeans for embellishment. Make certain that they are clean and have been washed at least once. Iron if necessary in order to make certain that you have a truly flat surface for embellishment as well as a flat surface to work on.

If you are creating your own design rather than using a pre-established one, sketch it out on paper before you start your embellishment. If you do not trust yourself to free form it, use craft tracing paper to transfer the design onto the jeans before you begin.

Transfer any designs or decals on to the jeans for painting, jeweling, or embroidery, following the instructions provided with the design transfer.

Add fabric embellishments, if that is the option you have chosen. The best way to do this is to sew it on either with a sewing machine or with a needle and thread, by hand. Keep in mind that whatever method you choose to secure the fabric to the denim, the edges will need to be secured either by turning it under before sewing or by securing it with sequins, braid, rope, embroidery, or paint.

Add any pre-prepared three-dimensional embellishment such as flowers, bees, hearts, or other “symbols” following the instructions that came with the embellishment.

Embroider any chosen design(s) or to accent decals that you have added to your jeans, if that is the embellishment you have chosen.

Paint your design(s) or add paint accents to any decals that you have ironed on to your jeans, if that is the embellishment you have chosen. Let the paint dry thoroughly, at least 24 hours, before continuing with any additional embellishment.

Add jewel accents to your embellishment, if you choose to do so. The easiest and most durable way to accomplish this would be with equipment like the Bedazzler that is designed to actuall “set” the stones into the denim. However, you can also choose to glue the stones on to the denim with an adhesive that works both on jewels and fabrics.

Add other embellishments such as sequins, beads, braid, lace, roping, or any other special embellishment that you have chosen. The best way to secure these types of embellishment is by sewing them on. However, if you use to use a fabric adhesive, make certain the one chosen works with the “type” of embelishments that you have chosen.

Add any glitter accents that you want to your design. This can be done through squeeze glitter paints designed to add dimension, brush on glitters that contain their own adhesives, or the standard shake on type, using a fabric glue base.

Make certain that all of your embellishments are carefully secured to the denim before wearing. Sew or use adhesive as necessary to secure everything tightly.