Intestinal parasites are often caused by poor hygiene, contact with animals or from infected food or water. Common parasites include protozoans, roundworms and tapeworms. Intestinal parasites can cause coughing, intestinal pain, bloating and cramping, vomiting, bloody stools as well as diarrhea. While a doctor is required to administer testing that can determine the presence and type of parasite, natural treatments can be just as effective as medications without the harmful side effects.

Have your doctor perform urine and fecal tests to determine the type of parasite that is causing your symptoms. While a doctor may recommend prescription medications, with proper diagnosis you can find the correct herbal remedy to eliminate intestinal parasites naturally and at home.

Include as much fresh garlic in your diet as possible to free your intestinal tract from parasites. Garlic is especially useful for the elimination of roundworm, Giardia Lamlia, Typansoma, Leishmania and Plamodium.

Take the herb goldenseal in tablet or tincture form. Lab studies have shown that berberine, the active element in goldenseal, can effectively work against parasites such as Entamoeba Histolytica, Plasmodium and Giardia Lamblia. Goldenseal can also help treat mucous membrane and respiratory tract infections triggered by intestinal parasites.

Use Black Walnut tincture, an herbal remedy commonly used to treat ringworm and athlete’s food. The tincture of unripe black walnut hulls can remove parasites and relieve fungal infections.

Make tea or take extract of wormwood to eliminate intestinal parasites naturally. Sesquiterpene lactones, the active element in wormwood, weakens parasite membranes and helps the body to eliminate them. Research suggests that an herbal remedy that includes wormwood can work actively to treat Plasmodium, Giardia, Ascaris Lumbricoides and Schistosoma Mansoni.

Drink wormseed tea, a common herbal remedy in the tropical regions of the world used to expel hookworms, tapeworms and roundworms. Concentrated wormseed oil is extremely potent and can be toxic, so it is preferable to drink tea.

Clean your intestinal tract by purchasing a natural high-fiber detox that includes supplements such as papaya extract, activated charcoal, psyllium husks, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds and citrus pectin. A natural detox is a great combination with other herbal remedies to aid in the elimination of parasites.


  • Following herbal remedy treatment, visit your doctor for a second test to verify that the parasites have been successfully removed from your system.