The benefits of adding it to your daily diet may motivate you to begin preparing and eating fresh garlic. Fresh garlic that you prepare carefully can help your body metabolize iron as well as improve the immune system and digestion. The key to deriving the most benefits from garlic lies in the way you prepare it. Consuming garlic in raw form after careful preparation provides the most effective health benefits.

Things You'll Need

Separate garlic cloves from the bulb by pulling them apart with your fingers. Peel individual garlic cloves completely.

Cut a garlic clove into slices. Chop each slice finely to mince the garlic clove. Repeat with each clove.

Allow the chopped garlic to rest for a minimum of 5 minutes on the cutting board. During this time, a process occurs whereby the natural enzymes in garlic become most effective for benefiting and improving health.

Scoop the chopped garlic up into a spoon, and eat it raw. Suggestions for making raw garlic more palatable include combining it with butter, mayonnaise or avocado and eating it as a spread or a dip. Drink some cold water after you finish the garlic to rinse out your mouth and chase away some of the strong flavor.


  • The World’s Healthiest Foods website recommends about 1/2 clove of garlic as a daily single serving.

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