Drying your own herbs is an easy and relatively quick way to preserve and store them for later use. Herbs are at their fullest flavor right before their flowers have bloomed. When you see your herbs at this stage you can begin plucking leaves from the stems to start the drying process. Because mint leaves hold more moisture than other herbs, they tend to take a little longer to dry. But once dried, they will keep for several years.

Things You'll Need

Pluck the leaves from their stems in the morning.

Wash the leaves in cold water to remove any bugs or dirt.

Poke small holes all around the sides of a small paper bag,

Place a number of mint leaves in the bag, and seal the bag by wrapping a rubber band around the opening several times.

Pull the twine through the rubber band and tie the ends in a knot.

Hang the bag where air can freely circulate around it (near an open window or heat register). The leaves may take a week or two to dry completely.