Many spas incorporate dry brushing into their body treatments. This treatment has been shown to reduce cellulite, eliminate dry skin and boost circulation. You don’t need to visit a spa though. You can easily dry brush any area of your body at home. All you need is an appropriate body brush. Dry brushing works particularly well on legs. Since legs are prone to cellulite, many men and women experience bumpy, dimpled flesh there. Dry brush your legs daily for best results.

Things You'll Need

Choose a body brush that has natural bristles. Acrylic bristles can be irritating on your skin so always opt for natural instead. For best results, pick a body brush with a hand-strap on the back and a long, detachable handle so you can reach all areas of your legs.

Perform the dry brushing process prior to a shower. Your skin should be completely dry. After you have finished, you can then wash away all the dead skin cells and toxins the come to the surface as a result of the brushing.

Start at your ankles. Move the brush in a long, circular motion and work your way up your legs.

Apply steady, light pressure as you brush. If you apply too much pressure, your skin will become raw and irritated. If your skin turns pink, you are brushing too hard.

Spend the most time on your thighs. As they are particularly prone to cellulite, you must give the thighs extra attention.

Work on each leg for approximately 5 minutes. Do not rush the brushing process. You are stimulating nutrient and oxygen flow in your skin, and encouraging new skin cell growth. Allow time for the brushing to take effect.

Shower once you have finished both legs. Use a mild soap to cleanse away all the toxins and dead skin cells that rose to the surface of your skin.


  • Make dry brushing part of your daily routine.