You do not need a food dehydrator to dry apples! You can have healthy dried apples in 48 hours by following this easy technique!

Things You'll Need

Core as many apples as you want them slice them fairly thin (you do not have to peel them). Spray both sides of the apple rings lightly with lemon juice (very lightly) to keep them from turning brown. Lay the apples on a layer of paper towels and also cover them with a layer of paper towels. Press down on the apples and leave them in the paper towels for 24 hours.

After the apples set for 24 hours, turn your oven on to the lowest temperature. Place the apple rings directly on the racks in your oven and leave the door cracked open a bit. Let them dry in the oven for 24 hours. You can turn them once during the drying process if you want just so they do not curl up and get wrapped around the rack bars.

When the apples are dry (they will still be rubbery and pliable) store them in a plastic bag and keep in a dry place. Use them in any recipe that calls for apples or cut them up and add to cereal or granola mix. Enjoy!