Many people erroneously use the word “champagne” interchangeably with sparkling wine. Champagne is only made in the Champagne region of France. Carbonated wine made anywhere else is called sparkling wine. There are different types of sparkling wine: red or white, fruity or citric and dry or sweet. There are also different ways to serve it. You can pour it into a flute and add a small scoop of sorbet or you can pour it into a glass.

Sparkling Wine by the Glass

Place the sparkling wine in a refrigerator or an ice bucket which has been filled to the halfway mark with a combination of ice and water. Only drink sparkling wine when chilled.

Open the bottle of sparkling wine. Peel the foil off of the bottle and remove the wire hood from the cork. Point the bottle away from yourself and other people in the room; tilt it to a 45 degree angle. Press down on the cork with one hand while twisting the bottle with your other hand. The cork will slowly be released from the bottle.

Pour the sparkling wine into a champagne glass and drink it. According to Wine Web Central’s website, you should be able to get six glasses of sparkling wine out of a standard sized bottle.

Punch with Friends

Fill a large pitcher with ice.

Measure and pour 3 cups of vodka and 3 cups of sparkling wine into the pitcher of ice. Add pineapple juice for flavor and to cut the bite from the alcohol. Stir well.

Pour the punch into cocktail glasses and serve to your friends.