Champagne is a type of sparkling wine. Many people drink it to celebrate special occasions or events. It is traditionally served chilled in champagne flutes, which are wine glasses specifically designed to capture the taste of the champagne and its carbonation for as long as possible. Like wine, it comes in a variety of flavors. Many enjoy brut champagne, which has a dry taste. However, sweet champagne or sec champagne is also produced.

Review the label on the champagne bottle to determine what brand and type of champagne it is. Read the label further to learn where and in what year the champagne was produced. Though champagne is most associated with the Champagne region of northern France, it is also made in other regions of the world such as California, Spain, South Africa and Australia. Knowing basic information about the champagne you are drinking may help you determine what kind of champagne you like. For example, if you particularly enjoy a champagne that you are served at a party, you may want to purchase it in the future and drink it again. Taking some time to read the label may also give you something to discuss if you are asked about your opinion of the champagne.

Pour the champagne into a flute so it takes up no more than three-fourths of the glass. Due to the carbonation, the beverage will appear to take up the whole glass at first. Wait for the bubbles to settle before you pick up your glass.

Look at the champagne and quickly smell it. Think about what it smells and looks like and whether you find it pleasing.

Take a sip of the champagne and savor it. Spread the liquid throughout your mouth so it reaches all of your taste buds. Continue to take sips of the champagne.