Alcachofa, the Spanish word for “artichoke,” is a perennial flowering plant that grows in Mediterranean Europe. Though, in terms of human consumption, the plant is predominately eaten whole or used as a seasoning, some choose to prepare as a drink or tea. Alcachofa has great health benefits; it is an excellent source of antioxidants and is one of nature’s greatest aids for the liver and gallbladder; and it can act as a weight loss supplement. Hence, learning the best and easiest ways to drink alcachofa can be of great benefit to one’s personal nutrition.

Things You'll Need

Drink alcachofa as a tea. To do this, remove all of the bud of the plant, leaving only about 1/2 inch of stem. Boil the stem in hot water, along with an herbal tea, such as green or grey tea. Alcachofa tea can be used to help improve liver functioning, and it’s a popular beverage in Southeast Asia.

Add alcachofa to a juice drink, such as orange or grapefruit juice. Like for the tea, boil a stem or pulp leaf of the plant in water. Then pour about 1 or 2 fluid ounces in a glass and mix it with a juice. Don’t use too much, or the juice concoction will be too sweet.

Drink a liqueur that contains alcachofa. Some alcoholic beverages, such as a few European liqueurs, contain cynarine, an acid stemming from the plant. Mix the liqueur with orange or cranberry juice for an aperitif. Alcachofa concoctions are often added to liqueurs because they can sweeten the bitter flavor.

Order an alcachofa supplement from a drugstore or online for use as a weight loss aid. Most of these come in prepackaged vials. They are prepared for drinking by adding to juice or warm water. Drink it early in the morning for the best effect.